Welcome to the Curry Student Center


The Curry Student Center is the crossroads for community life at Northeastern University, serving all the members of the University in a celebration of diversity and student life.

The Student Center is more than a building; it is also an organization and a program.  It contributes cultural, social and recreational programs and services that are integral parts of the University’s mission.

As the “living room” of the University, the Curry Student Center is a unifying force in campus life, cultivating enduring regard for and loyalty to Northeastern University.


Staff Listing

  • Senior Director: Jeremy Reger
  • Senior Associate Director: Adam Taylor
  • Associate Director: Michael Buonocore
  • Assistant Director: Stephanie Carnazzo
  • Assistant Director: Samuel Matuawana
  • Campus Crossroads Manager (Co-op, Spring 2024): Stephanie Sun
  • Game Room Manager (Co-op, Spring 2024): Spencer Gaberino

Student Center Operations falls under the larger Event Management umbrella, which includes a robust team of additional staff overseeing scheduling, technical coordination/production, and more.  For more information, visit the Event Management (link to here) webpages.



The Curry Student Center (originally the Ell Student Center when it opened in 1964) was created after a student-led referendum was passed that charged each student a fee to construct the building.

After a major renovation in 1994 that was funded by a second student-led referendum, the building was rededicated in honor of then-President John Curry and his wife Marcia in recognition of their support for student life on campus. The building went through major renovations in 1994 and 2015, the most recent of which included a refresh of the Indoor Quad area and the addition of a floating mezzanine to increase food court seating. It was during the 1994 renovation that the 1964 time capsule was discovered behind a wall that was removed.

A 2016 renovation created Campus Crossroads, a concierge for the campus community and visitors. The most recognizable space is the four-story open atrium that begins on the first floor and extends up four stories. Since opening in 1964, the Indoor Quad has been a gathering place for the campus community, playing host to many important university and community events. Consistent with an institutional commitment to experiential learning, students are the main driving force behind much of the programming inside of the Curry Student Center. Student leaders serve as program generators and coordinate all aspects, which provides opportunities to not only engage their peers, but also to grow and develop as leaders