Curry Student Center Policies

Poster Policy

Posters that are approved and hung in the meeting rooms of Curry Student Center must adhere to the following guidelines:

Advertise a CSI recognized Student Group or a Northeastern University department.

Have a Northeastern University recognized email address. Gmail addresses are approved as long as they are the same as what appears on your engage profile.

Cannot advertise for an event occurring off of the Northeastern University campus.

Cannot have pull tabs.

If your event is paid for by the Student Activity Fee your poster must include the logo indicating this.
No foul or obscene language or images (Must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct – consult the Student Handbook).

Please bring no more than 7 posters to the 325 Operations desk for approval and posting. Approved posters can only be hung in designated areas by a Building Manager. Posters are not to be hung in the hallways, on columns, or doors in the Student Center.

*Posters hung up in Residential Halls have a slightly different in policy. For information on how to hang posters in Residence Halls, see here.

Digital Signage Policy

*Please make sure that all contracts, legal agreements, event bookings, etc. are confirmed before sending the slide/content for posting.*


Please fill out the digital signage form. Click the check boxes for the areas you want to have the slide posted. Each one of those boxes is another screen that is moderated by their own manager. Please note that not all moderators guarantee that they will advertise your event.

Images must be formatted to fit the screens. Vertical screens have a portrait layout and a 16:9 aspect ratio. We will not resize your files, please provide the correct format for each screen you wish to advertise on.

Note: JPEG, PNG, MP4, & MOV files accepted. We do not accept PPTs or PDFs.

Movie files should be no longer than 30 seconds and should not have sound.

In the notes section of the form please indicate when you would like the signage posted and for how long. All event signage will be removed the day after the event. Signage promoting a class or a department initiative will be removed at the end of each semester.


Please understand that these screens are typically mounted on high surfaces, an overly wordy posting will be hard to read. Less is more for digital signage. Please include critical information such as event/class sponsor, event name, date, time, and location of event.

QR codes work well to direct the reader to a site with more info but remember that these screens are not close to the reader so the QR code needs to be large enough to scan.

Reserving Windows in the West Addition

The Curry Student Center West Addition windows are available for recognized student organizations to hang posters, flyers and paint advertisements. The event advertised must be approved by the Center for Student Involvement or the Associate Director of Operations of the Curry Student Center. The approved event or activity must be the focus of advertising to the general Northeastern Community.

All advertising must be for a specific event or series of events.

Advertising is limited to a maximum of 5 panes of glass or less per organization for a maximum of two weeks per event. Signature events can apply for a longer reservations.

There will be no posting/taping/painting on the metal portions of the windows.

Curry Operations or Facilities does not install or remove your posters. We recommend your printing vendor install the posters for your safety standing on tables and chairs to install your posters is strictly prohibited.

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to remove all flyers/posters on the last day of their reservation and restore the windows to their normal state.

If you wish to paint the windows, you must paint with water-soluble artist paint/crayons. If damage is done to the windows your group would be responsible for cleaning charges.

Please fill out the West Addition Window Request form to reserve a panel of windows. Please remember that the panels are first come first serve, we cannot guarantee availability.

For standard poster sizes, up to 84 inches, reach out to NU Reprographics.

For larger window graphics installations we recommend Citius Printing & Graphics.

Charges will be applied if any damage occurs to the windows.

Commuter Lockers

There are a limited amount of lockers that are available to commuters, located in the tunnel system of University. Lockers are distributed by a first come, first serve basis. You can sign up for a locker through the Husky Card Services portal on my.northeastern. To obtain a locker you need to be an active student and have a functioning Husky Card. Limited to one locker per student.

If you have issues opening your locker please go to 325 Curry Student Center between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.

All lockers must be cleared out by the end of the last day of exams. Items left in lockers will be discarded.

*These are Curry Student Center specific policies. If you are interested in other University policies, please refer to the Student Handbook.*

Reserving Spaces on Campus

Arriving September 2021, the Northeastern community can find and book campus spaces with Spaces at Northeastern powered by Robin. Students, staff, and faculty can reserve desks, workspaces, and rooms across the Boston campus initially, with the list of available spaces expanding over time. Northeastern’s global network locations outside of Boston will also be rolling out Spaces at Northeastern.

Looking to get involved?
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